Jan 6, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Over 70,000 Iranian Students Volunteer To Fight Israel By Being Suicide Bombers

-More than 70,000 Iranian students have volunteered to carry out suicide bombings against Israel. How sick is that?

-Hizbullah forces have been put on the highest alert level.

-Atheists are quite proud of their anti-God ads that are now appearing on the sides of London buses.

-Experts are now saying that the U.K. must set a "maximum population level" if it is to avoid destroying the environment and putting national security at risk.

-CBN has an interesting article out about demons and exorcisms.

-Is Satanism gaining a foothold in Italy?

-Should people trust political leaders who try to save them by controlling every single thing that they do?

-A 19 year old woman has died from the bird flu in Beijing, China.

-Russia has halted all gas supplies to European countries including Turkey and Greece.

-A former Bank of England policymaker is warning of a coming massive collapse of the U.S. dollar.

-CNN is reporting that the U.S. federal government's bailout tab is approaching 8 trillion dollars.

-Lastly, police have raided a church in western China and arrested 51 Christians who were just trying to worship God.

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