Jan 27, 2009

The Daily Buzz - High School Basketball Coach Will NOT Apologize For 100 - 0 Victory

-The head coach of a girls high school basketball team that defeated another team 100 - 0 has been fired. In response to a huge uproar over the game, the coach sent an email to one newspaper in which he stated that he would not apologize "for a wide-margin victory when my girls played with honor and integrity."

-Are we entering an era of global governance?

-The World Economic Forum begins Tuesday evening in Davos, Switzerland. For those not familiar with the World Economic Forum, it is another yearly meeting of globalists that focuses on economic matters.

-The bad economy is spurring sales of human eggs and sperm.

-Is there no end in sight to the accelerating job losses in America?

-Is the ailing economy actually making people sicker?

-Would Citibank have been able to buy a new 50 million dollar private jet if they had not just been bailed out by U.S. taxpayers?

-There are big concerns over increased H5N1 human to human transmission efficiency in China.

-A 2-year-old boy is Egypt's 53rd case of the bird flu.

-60,000 turkeys have been killed in British Columbia, Canada in an effort to stop the spread of the bird flu.

-Iran is closer to getting a nuclear weapon than ever.

-Politicians and celebrities can keep their children off a controversial new database in the U.K., but regular people cannot.

-Big American and European companies slashed more than 75,000 jobs on Monday.

-As if we didn't have enough economic problems, now the Baby Boomers want to start retiring.

-Lastly, the New York Times completely ignored the March For Life.

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