Feb 3, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Discrimination Against Christians Is Embedded In The "Economic Stimulus" Bill

-Should we be surprised? Discrimination against Christians is embedded in the "economic stimulus" bill.

-Has it now become fashionable to mock Christians?

-Are there Islamic terrorist training camps operating right now inside the United States?

-Will the advanced biometrics systems that are being used to identify and control citizens in Iraq soon be used back in the U.S.?

-Another Obama nominee has had to withdraw because of tax problems.

-China has been rocked by 26 million lost jobs.

-One new study claims that computers and television have pushed a generation of children towards violence, early sex and mental illness.

-The California financial crisis is getting even worse.

-46 states could file for bankruptcy in the next two years.

-Bailed out Bank of America spent 10 million dollars at the Super Bowl.

-A missile combat crew commander from the Minot Air Force Base was found dead by police.

-One U.K. nurse has been suspended for offering to pray for an elderly patient's recovery.

-Benjamin Netanyahu says that if he is elected, his government will keep Jerusalem united.

-Billions upon billions of dollars have been wasted in the reconstruction of Iraq.

-The general in charge of China's strategic missile force says that China is going to significantly build up their nuclear forces.

-Lastly, there is a new warning of a "terrible" bird flu outbreak in China.

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