Feb 9, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Newsweek Says That We Are All Socialists Now

-Newsweek says: We Are All Socialists Now

-Scientists are now saying that every baby born a decade from now will have its genetic code mapped at birth.

-One of the hottest new trends among the youth is to get a tatoo of Barack Obama.

-This is unbelievable.....now that the "economic stimulus" bill is getting through Congress, there is talk of ANOTHER 1 trillion dollar bailout for the banks on top of everything they have been given already.

-In an incredibly shocking case, one couple in New York failed a "religious sincerity test" so their children were not given a vaccine exemption.

-Despite incredible accusations of corruption, the political activist group ACORN could receive up to $4 billion under the economic stimulus legislation approved by the House of Representatives.

-The Pentagon employs 27,000 people just for recruitment, advertising and public relations.

-A record 19 million U.S. homes stood empty at the end of 2008.

-General Motors plans to invest 1 billion dollars of "stimulus" money.....in Brazil.

-Global bond markets are calling the bluff of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

-Australia is experiencing the worst wildfires that is has ever seen.

-A "secret police" intelligence unit has been set up in the U.K. to spy on left-wing and right-wing political groups.

-One victim of the HPV vaccine is telling her story.

-Egypt has reported two human bird flu cases in just the last four days.

-ABC News is slamming Christian missionaries in Brazil.

-One foster parent who has looked after 80 children has been banned from further fostering because a Muslim girl in her care became a Christian.

-Is the Crystal Cathedral empire on the verge of collapse?

-Many Christian broadcasters are experiencing a financial nightmare during this economic crisis.

-Vice President Joe Biden is boldly proclaiming that the U.S. will work towards a two state "solution" for Israel and the Palestinians.

-Lastly, an intriguing new film about the search for Noah's Ark is currently being produced.

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