Feb 26, 2009

The Daily Buzz - The Obama Administration Plans To Seek A New Assault Weapons Ban

-The Obama administration plans to seek a new assault weapons ban.

-A new system will allow the U.K.'s biggest Internet firms to record and cash in on their customers' surfing habits.

-California’s newly poor are pushing social services to the brink.

-Obama's "withdrawl plan" will leave up to 50,000 American troops permanently stationed in Iraq.

-Are you prepared for economic hard times? - 9 steps to starting a survival garden.

-Is the state sovereignty movement a prelude to a Constitutional showdown?

-A Spanish mother took revenge on her daughter's gloating rapist by setting him on fire.

-The Southern Baptist Convention and the Roman Catholic Church are now reporting that their organizations are losing members.

-The U.S. Energy Department apparently cannot account for nuclear materials at 15 locations.

-"Big Brother" is not just a growing problem in western countries - it is becoming a huge issue in Asia too.

-The U.S. Army is planning to order $6 million in riot equipment.

-Ron Paul says is warning that American politicians are in pursuit of a "world empire".

-Time Magazine: Why Catholic Indulgences Are Making a Comeback

-A pensioner has spent 30 years building an amazing model of Herod's Temple.

-Many American communities are selling off their water systems for cash.

-The U.S. government may break up insurance giant AIG to keep it afloat.

-Even Democratic Senator Robert Byrd is complaining about President Barack Obama's bizarre power grab.

-President Obama has begun receiving a daily CIA report on the global economic crisis.

-Senator Boxer is seeking to ratify a U.N. Treaty that would severely erode parental rights in the U.S.

-Officials are investigating how bird flu viruses were "mistakenly" sent to unsuspecting labs.

-The federal government and a dozen states around the nation are considering taxing residents based on how many miles they drive.

-The U.S. Federal Reserve is pumping even more cash into the financial system.

-Lastly, a professor from Kuwait outlined on Arab television a potential terror attack that would involve smuggling anthrax from Mexico into the U.S. and killing 330,000 people in 60 minutes.

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