Feb 25, 2009

Shocking New Big Brother Programs Mean The End Of Privacy In The U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security is actually developing a new system that will "interpret" your gestures and facial expressions, will "analyze" your voice and will virtually probe your entire body to determine if you are a terrorist or a tourist.

It is called "Project Hostile Intent", and it is being designed to automatically identify and analyze behavioral and physiological cues associated with deception.

The following is how Robert L. Mitchell describes this new system......


As you answer a few questions at the security checkpoint, the systems begin sizing you up. An array of sensors -- video, audio, laser, infrared -- feeds a stream of real-time data about you to a computer that uses specially developed algorithms to spot suspicious people.

The system interprets your gestures and facial expressions, analyzes your voice and virtually probes your body to determine your temperature, heart rate, respiration rate and other physiological characteristics -- all in an effort to determine whether you are trying to deceive.
Fail the test, and you'll be pulled aside for a more aggressive interrogation and searches.


But if you think that is bad, the NSA plans to go even further than the Department of Homeland Security.

The NSA is creating an artificial intelligence system called "Aquaint" that will literally pull information from thousands of databases to figure out not only what you are doing, but also what you are thinking.

Aquaint ("Advanced QUestion Answering for INTelligence") is being designed to pull information from your phone calls, credit card receipts, social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, GPS devices, cell phones, Google searches, Amazon book purchases and even E-Z Pass toll records to give users of the system information on where you are, what you are doing and what you are thinking.

Oh, you didn't think that the government could do that?

Oh, you didn't think that the government was ALLOWED to do that?

Guess again.

Welcome to the 21st century - the century of Big Brother.

Acquaint is so incredibly intrusive that at least one researcher has left the project because of concerns about what it is becoming.

Imagine what a technology like this could mean if it fell into the wrong hands.

For some time we have been saying that we are nearing the end of the "open society".

Every day we sink deeper towards a scientific technocracy where "Big Brother" will rule all, but people do not seem to care.

Meanwhile, Chicago is spending millions of dollars to have a camera "on every corner" in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games that it hopes to host.

In some cities like New York, a camera on every corner is almost a reality already.

The truth is that we are moving into times that science fiction writers never even dreamed of.

Are you ready to live in a Big Brother society?

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