Mar 23, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Autism On The Rise

-A new study shows that 1 out of every 60 British school pupils suffers from some form of autism.

-The leader of the Czech republic says that the EU is recreating the "Soviet bloc in Europe".

-Is the FDA one step away from declaring dietary supplements drugs?

-Christian hotel owners are being sued after they refused to let a homosexual couple stay together at their seaside hotel.

-The 15th International Economic Forum Of The Americas will meet June 8-11 and the theme will be: "Adapting To The New World Order".

-Will the current economic policies lead to the destruction of the American dream?

-There is yet another pro-population control editorial in a major newspaper.

-Now scientists want to put nanotechnology into your food.

-One new study shows that Monsanto's genetically engineered cotton kills the soil.

-Reportedly, more than 8,000 Satanic cults now operate in Italy.

-The former Health Minister of the U.K. wants "suicide clinics" to be established throughout the country.

-Some British scientists say that it is a great idea to harvest the organs of aborted babies in order to use them for science.

-Wasting more taxpayer money - The Obama administration has sent 50 million dollars to the U.N. population control fund.

-One crazed man shot and killed three policemen in Oakland, California.

-One mother in the U.K. was given a parking ticket "for reviving her severely disabled son".

-Even Democrats are getting upset over Barack Obama's overkill tactics.

-The Russian army is getting ready for a major overhaul and upgrade.

-The United States Mint has suspended production of more gold and silver products.

-What the Federal Reserve is doing to the dollar is absolutely insane.

-Unemployment in California is now over 10 percent.

-Congressional budget analysts say that the federal budget deficits over the next ten years are going to be much worse than previously thought.

-The economic downturn is hurting Las Vegas far worse than most other cities.

-JPMorgan Chase plans to spend millions on new jets and a luxury airport hangar.

-Lastly, will the Obama tax plan hurt religious groups?

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