Apr 28, 2009

The Daily Buzz - More Swine Flu Deaths As The Plague Continues To Spread

-There are now an estimated 2000 cases of the swine flu in Mexico and 152 deaths in Mexico are being attributed to the disease.

-Swine flu is now showing up in Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand and even in Israel.

-One independent reporter has captured stunning footage of a packed emergency room full of patients wearing masks and coughing like crazy near the U.S./Mexico border.

-Many schools throughout the United States are closing today because of the swine flu.

-This "swine flu" is made up of human flu, bird flu, European swine flu and Asian swine flu.

-ABC is reporting that reports of the swine flu are literally coming in from all over the world.

-Unofficial reports coming out of Mexico indicate that the swine flu outbreak may be much worse than the mainstream media is reporting.

-Why is the swine flu killing some of the healthiest individuals?

-Lastly, military officials are monitoring the swine flu situation very closely.

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