Apr 27, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Swine Flu Sweeps The Globe

-There have already been 149 suspected swine flu deaths around the world.

-The WHO has raised its assessment one notch to an unprecedented level 4 outbreak.

-Millions of Mexicans are hiding indoors in an attempt to escape the swine flu.

-Some public schools in Texas are being closed because of nearby swine flu cases.

-You can follow the progress of the swine flu on Google maps right here.

-46 cases of the swine flu have been confirmed in the United States.

-EU health commissioner Andorra Vassiliou has asked Europeans to postpone nonessential travel to the United States or Mexico.

-China has banned the import of hog and pork products from Mexico and parts of the United States.

-The CDC says that it is too late to contain the swine flu outbreak in the United States.

-This current strain of "swine flu" is actually a combination of human flu, bird flu and swine flu.

-This swine flu also contains elements from European and Asian swine viruses.

-The CDC was mixing human flu and bird flu together as far back as 2004.

-Professor Greg Tannock says swine flu has all the hallmarks of a major pandemic.

-Is the swine flu a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear warfare?

-Very sadly, General Motors has decided that they are going to kill the Pontiac brand.

-President Obama may do away with the National Day of Prayer.

-Baptisms in Southern Baptists churches have declined for the fourth year in a row.

-Scientists in South Korea have created a fluorescent puppy.

-Could food shortages bring down civilization?

-Miss California got a hero's welcome at a large San Diego church.

-One church in Florida advertised a three week sermon series titled "Great Sex for You".

-Taliban forces recently advanced to within 60 miles of the capital of Pakistan.

-CFR corporate members are getting the lion's share of the bailout funds.

-A new study reveals that child trafficking in the U.K. is up by 50%.

-One teenager is auctioning off her virginity in order to pay for college.

-Lastly, has one Italian scientist found the secret for radically extending lifespans?

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