Apr 14, 2009

The Daily Buzz - The Taliban Is Getting Stronger

-Have parts of Pakistan fallen into Taliban hands?

-The Taliban have executed a 14 year old girl and her boyfriend for trying to elope.

-Veteran British broadcaster Sir David Attenborough is calling for a U.K. baby limit to stop the "frightening" population growth.

-The U.S. and Israel plan to hold the largest ever joint missile defense drill.

-A new bill would give Obama authority to halt web traffic and access private computer data in an emergency.

-Have you ever wondered what goes on at the Bohemian Grove?

-A New Age class in California public schools called "Spirituality for Kids" is causing a huge uproar.

-Lawmakers in Vermont are considering a bill that would make it legal for teenagers 18 and under to exchange explicit photos and videos of themselves.

-The 2009 U.S. tax season is seeing a large uptick in delinquent income taxpayers.

-The Obama administration is invoking the "state secrets" privilege to shield government eavesdropping programs from public exposure.

-The Obama administration has endorsed continued spying on Americans.

-Scientists say that in exactly 20 years, an asteroid the size of a 25 story building will come closer to Earth than the communication satellites orbiting the planet.

-A new survey conducted by the Barna group reveals that most American Christians do not believe that Satan or the Holy Spirit exist.

-Hindus have applauded Pope Benedict for including a verse from ancient Hindu scripture Upanishads in the Good Friday Meditations and Prayers led by him at the Roman Colosseum.

-Some scientists are claiming that social networks like Twitter can make you "immoral".

-Interactive billboards with facial recognition technology have been launched In Japan.

-Lastly, large scale vaccination of domestic poultry against the bird flu began in Russia’s Altai region on Monday.

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  1. Superb blog! I would however like to have your views on some of these events. BB