Apr 13, 2009

The Daily Buzz - U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Plan To Force All Teens To Do 50 Hours Of "Volunteer" Work

-U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown's new plan would make every young person do 50 hours of "volunteer" work by the time they reach the age of 19.

-One major U.K. newspaper says that the recent outbreak of new human bird flu cases suggests that the danger of a pandemic is rising.

-Has the religious right in the United States conceded defeat?

-The child trafficking crisis in Iraq is getting worse.

-One Ireland archbishop admits that an upcoming child abuse report "will shock us all".

-Would you go through a "naked body scanner" to get on an airplane.

-Mad cow disease has popped up in Tennessee.

-The Chinese military has unveiled their new "super rocket".

-A Christian charity worker in the U.K. has been suspended for saying that he did not believe in same-sex marriage.

-One in nine homes in the United States is now sitting vacant.

-Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair now describes Jerusalem as "home".

-He wasn't elected president, but it looks like Ron Paul was right after all.

-The current economic crisis has spawned a whole new breed of survivalists.

-Why is atheism experiencing explosive growth all over the world?

-Lastly, has the scientific evidence now proven that the fluoride in our water is a serious health hazard?

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