Apr 3, 2009

The Daily Buzz - U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown Hails The Creation Of A "New World Order" At The G20 Summit

-As the G20 summit drew to a close, U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown hailed the creation of a "new world order".

-Billionaire investor George Soros is praising Gordon Brown for "his finest hour".

-U.S. President Barack Obama is hailing "the new world order".

-The G20 is pledging a trillion dollars to help get the world economy going again.

-The G20 has moved the world a step closer to a global currency.

-The G20 summit was reportedly held at a location where there was an uncapped pyramid.

-In a stunning turn of events, gay marriage is now legal in Iowa.

-Sweden has also now legalized gay marriage.

-An Episcopal priest who claimed to be both Christian and Muslim has been defrocked.

-North Korea "has deployed multiple nuclear warheads" ahead of their controversial test missile launch.

-Is Iraq about to explode into violence once again?

-The Senate and the House have passed Obama's 3.5 trillion dollar budget.

-Troubled American homeowners continue to default at very high rates even on home loans that have been modified by lenders.

-11 percent of Americans still think that Barack Obama is a Muslim.

-There have been six new human cases of the bird flu in Egypt just in the past month.

-The state Senate of North Dakota will vote on a "personhood bill" that would declare a fertilized egg a human being.

-Lastly, an openly lesbian Episcopalian "minister" has been appointed to head a prestigious seminary.

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