May 20, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Torture At Guantanamo Continues Under Obama?

*Guess what? Terror suspects at Guantanamo are still being tortured under Obama.

*A secret meeting of some of the world's richest people was held in New York on May 5th.

*Some financial experts are saying that "the worst is yet to come".

*Members of Congress are being told in confidential that Pakistan is rapidly adding to its nuclear arsenal even while racked by insurgency.

*President Obama is trying to persuade Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the White House’s recent overtures to Iran should be given time to work and that an Israeli military strike against Tehran could trigger disaster.

*Yuck - major wheat industry organizations from the U.S., Canada and Australia have announced that they intend to work together to commercialize genetically modified wheat crops.

*A new curriculum called "Journeys" teaches girl scouts about global warming, yoga, avatars, Zen gardens and feminist, communist and lesbian role models. Perhaps they were better off focusing on selling cookies.

*The FBI use of Patriot Act authority increased dramatically in 2008.

*Reportedly, a General Motors bankruptcy would include a quick sale of its best assets to the Feds.

*One financial expert is saying that the next financial crisis will come from the currency markets.

*Hewlett-Packard is cutting 6,400 more workers. Things are getting really bad out there.

*Iran is claiming to have test-fired a new medium-range surface to surface missile capable of hitting Israel.

*Lastly, a new survey has revealed that bee colonies in the U.S. have dropped another 29 percent. If this continues we are headed for absolute disaster.

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