May 21, 2009

Our Daily News Updates Have Moved To A New Site: TheMostImportantNews.Com

Many of you have probably come here today looking for our daily news update.

But it is not here.

We have actually made the hard decision to move our daily news updates to a brand new website.

The brand news site is called The Most Important News, and it will feature a new and improved format for our daily news updates.

Shattered Paradigm will continue on as a "magazine style" blog that will feature articles about some of the most important issues of our day. It will just no longer feature the daily news updates.

So please head on over to our new site and take a look:

We think that you will be very pleased. We would encourage you to bookmark it and to help us get the word out by sharing it with all of your friends.

It is our hope that this new site will become one of the top alternative news sources that thousands of people will visit daily. The truth is that it is very hard to get an idea of what is REALLY going on from the mainstream media, and we plan to continue to bring you the key stories that are unreported or under-reported by the big media outlets.

We want to thank our regular visitors for their support and encouragement - without you all we would not be a success.

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