Nov 3, 2010

NBC News: Many Humans Will Be Microchipped By 2017?

The NBC News report from a couple of years ago posted in this article is another example of just how far our society has come in accepting human microchipping and various forms of biometric identification. In the video posted below, NBC News suggests that many of us will be microchipped by the year 2017.  Of course this is not the Mark of the Beast yet, but you can see the kinds of technology that could be used for the Mark of the Beast being moved into place.  The Scriptures tell us that someday all mankind will be forced to take a Mark on the right hand or on the forehead and will not be able to buy or sell without it.  Past generations could never understand how something like that could be enforced across the globe, but now we most definitely have the technology to do such a thing. 

Watch the video below and then leave a comment with what you think.  It is becoming undeniable that our world is rapidly changing, and not for the better....

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