Dec 31, 2008

Pictures That Show How 8 Years Has Aged George W. Bush

Above you can see pictures close to the beginning and close to the end of President George W. Bush's term. The first picture is from 2000, and the second picture is from 2008.

Below you can see another comparison of before and after Bush photos. Have we ever seen a president age so much while he was in office?


  1. Is this a joke? Different angle, different lights.
    What a stupid topic, specially posted in this brainless way.

  2. Most people have aged in the past 8 years. If they haven't they are either dead or dead.

    Have you looked through your own photos from 8 years ago and then in the mirror lately? I'm guessing you'd rather not have those posted.

    Taking into account the stress, long hours, considerable travel, horror of 9/11, Katrina, and all that has changed in the world since he first took office, I'd say he's held up pretty well.

    Just saying....

  3. Every president ages like this, actually. And like the previous posters said, I'm sure every person does as well. =) But it's pretty cool to compare when a president first goes into office, and after their eight years are up. They certainly look... well, older.